Day 1

Well, I woke up last night at 1 am sick, and puking for about two hours and today I’m tired and haven’t felt well.

I work one day a week at Subway, on Mondays, and of course I get sick the night before I have to work.

I’m guessing I should start focusing on gut health.

I used to never throw up unless I was pregnant (I’m not) but lately, I’ve been waking up in the morning with an upset stomach. Theres been several times I’ve gotten up with an upset stomach and needed to throw up.

I get these sulfur burps (they taste like eggs) when I wake up with this stomach issue and during my research while I sit on the toilet, I have found that it can be caused by a digestive issue. So time to get that in check.

So today at work, I felt like garbage.

But didn’t eat any cookies or extra bread! Which typically, the day I work, I would eat bread, and a sandwich, and cookies, chips, random shit.

Today I did not. So day one, has been great.

Steps I’m Taking

Intermittent fasting – something I loved doing before but haven’t been consistent lately.

IIFYM – if it fits your macros. I enjoyed tracking my macros before because I like being aware of how much I’m consuming, and what the macros of foods are.

Breaking my fast with a smoothie – whenever I start my day with a healthy smoothie, it set me up for success for the rest of the day, it’s like making your bed.

Exercise – I will be incorporate things I enjoy doing. I want to start going to a spin class weekly, incorporate weights, yoga and pilates. My goal is to listen to what my body wants.

Self-care day – dedicate one day a week to take care of myself. I want to start dry brushing again, take baths, wash my damn face.

Take showers – sounds obvious, but sometimes ( a lot of times) I just don’t shower due to “exhaustion” when I go without showering, I feel worse about myself and unmotivated to do anything and it’s an endless cycle.

Day one is over and I’m fighting myself from snacking tonight.

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