Show your daughter confidence

Your daughter is watching you. Your every move.

She sees when you look in the mirror and poke at the extra squish you have.

She sees when you change your clothes several times and hears you sigh at each outfit.

She sees you step on the scale every day.

We need to love our bodies for our daughters. Those negative thoughts you feel, you don’t want your daughter to feel. You don’t want her to not think that her body is beautiful, or that she needs to wear makeup or that she’s not good enough.

We need to teach our daughters confidence by showing them confidence.

Remind them that they are beautiful,



Teach them that stretch marks are completely normal. Cellulite is completely normal. Having extra body fat is normal.

Because only women are strong enough to go through what our bodies go through.

Be proud of your body. It is keeping you alive. It has created and kept another human alive. It is damn wonderful.

Show your daughter self-care.

Show your daughter that you respect yourself.

That you love yourself.

That you are proud of your body so that she feels that way about herself.

Because she’s beautiful. You’re beautiful.

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