7 toddler crafts for every day of the week

Are you running out of ideas to do with your crazy toddler all week? I know I am, so I turned to my life saver, Pinterest, and decided to do a new craft every day for a week. Most of the supplies needed you probably have laying around your house or could get inexpensively. So here’s a list of our favorite crafts that didn’t stress me out, and my 6 year old was able to participate in as well!

Rain stick


This craft was great because my kids love rain sticks, so them seeing what made the noise on the inside blew their little minds. We added a little more pizazz by using stickers, gemstones, and glitter.

Painting with cars


My son’s current obsessions right now have been cars and trucks, so being able to drive them through some messy paint was the highlight of his life. Here’s a hack; I don’t like wasting paper for painting, so I actually use the cardboard in our recycling for paint project!

Toilet paper roll butterflies


How cute are these? We didn’t have the tissue paper, so instead we cut up pieces of decorative cardstock and glitter (we use A LOT of glitter.)

Painting with cotton balls


My fiancé had given me a bag of cotton balls in my birthday gift bag (not sure why, but I’m not questioning it) so this was a perfect idea to use up some of those fully balls. My kids love playing with cotton balls for some reason, so being able to paint with them was has been loads of fun.

DIY felt popsicle


This is actually a craft that was a big hit at my daughter ice cream themed birthday party so we had lots of leftover supplies to be able to do the craft again at home.

Jello-O Slime


I could kiss the creator of this. We always have a box of jello here even though no one wants to make it… or eat it. So this was THE perfect craft. Plus, my daughter has been obsessed with slime lately. She even enjoys watching youtube videos of random kids making weird types of slime, so she was living a dream.

Painted Rocks


This has always been a project we loved doing. In our area we have this facebook group called NEK Rocks and it’s a bunch of local people painting rocks and hiding them around the Northeast Kingdom for people to find and rehide.

I’m so thankful to be able to turn to Pinterest when I’m struggling to come up with new idea. I can only read the same book so many times before I want to set it on fire. I hope you enjoy these crafts I found and that they keep your small humans entertained.

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