Things long-term happy couples say to each other

Have you ever wondered what these couples are doing so differently to keep their relationships happy and successful?

If you asked several happy long-term couples what their secret was, they would say there actually wasn’t a secret at all and that communication is the key for success.

But we aren’t talking about those long meaningful conversations about feelings, we are talking about the little things they say to each other to show that they love and appreciate their partner every day.

So here’s a list of simple things happy couples say to maintain their long-term relationship:

Thank you

We just want to feel appreciated in our relationships. We want our hard work to be noticed. Saying thank you is the simplest way to say I love you. But I don’t mean saying thank you when they buy you a gift or compliment you, I mean when they do something little like doing the laundry or changing the baby without being asked. Showing your appreciation makes them feel good and also makes them more apt to want to take out the trash in the future. 

2. I’m sorry 

The hardest thing to do is admit when you did something wrong, so apologizing to your spouse means a lot to them. When you acknowledge that you have made a mistake, it makes it easier to move forward in your relationship, otherwise your partner is left with hurt feelings. 

“Apologizing to your partner will validate their feelings, foster forgiveness, and allow you both to move on from your mistakes.” 

3. I’ll work on it

Our spouses want us to be willing to fix the problematic parts of our relationships because it shows them that you care about your future together. Whether it be teasing them in front of friends or not noticing when they get their hair done, it’s important to work on those things that aren’t strengthening your relationship.

4. You look beautiful

Who doesn’t love to be complimented? The best compliments we receive are the ones we get from our partners, especially when we don’t expect it. Women, often times, have terrible self-esteems, so when they know that you are still attracted to them even when they feel they look like garbage can change their confidence completely. 

5. I have faith in you

Your spouse needs your support more than anything else. Whether they are struggling to meet their personal goals or have gotten a really tough assignment at work, giving them some support can really help banish that self-doubt they may be feeling.

Putting a little extra effort into the way you speak to your significant other can make a great positive impact in your relationship. Adding these simple words will help them feel more loved and then they are bound to reciprocate. It’s important to stay connected and these phrases are a good way to make that happen 

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