A letter to the love of my life

Thank you.

Thank you for coming into my life and changing everything I ever knew. What I thought love was doesn’t compare to what I know it is now. 

Love is showing small acts of kindness, compassion and appreciation. Love is always trying to communicate, and being patient when you know the other person struggles to find the words to say. Love is listening.

I knew none of that. I had no idea what any of that felt like until you came into my life. You showed me a love that I didn’t know existed.

One of my greatest memories was when you came over and brought things for us to make dinner. You brought items to make the absolute best salad I ever had.. because you remembered I liked to eat healthy food. You also brought wine because you knew I liked wine even though you had no idea how to pick it out. It was so dry and I hated it. But I loved it because you picked it out for us. You also brought me one of those three-holed outlet things because you knew I needed one to be able to plug in my microwave, and that is when my heart became yours. I laughed so much that night, you also never stopped talking but that was okay, because I liked watching you speak. I still love to watch you talk. Even though I don’t listen to what you’re actually saying, I just love looking at you. 

Thank you for flipping my world upside down, complicating everything, and then putting everything back together into a beautiful masterpiece.

Thank you for never giving up. For being so annoying and persistent and being patient.

Thank you for showing me my worth. 

Thank you for being my voice.

Thank you for teaching me how to stick up for myself.

Thank you for continuing to love me even when I continue to be annoying.

I will never be able to fully explain all the love I have for you coursing through my veins. I may not show it, but I still look at you the same way I looked at you the night you finally convinced me to have a drink with you. Maybe that was my favorite memory of you. When you snuck into my apartment to leave me wine, a muffin and a thank you note as I was meeting you at the restaurant for a drink. Another night of laughter. I remember you telling me that I smiled with my eyes. I smiled because I was with you. And you are what makes me happy. 

So thank you.

Thank you for always loving me.

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