6 ways to banish your bad mood

So you woke up in a funk…again. When you’re in this funk do you find yourself struggling to just get out of it? 

We’ve all been there, and it’s okay, you can escape its grasp.

Easier said than done, right? 

But it’s actually easier than you think. So stop feeling sorry for yourself and change. 

Before we discuss what’s putting you in this mood, we need to find the root of the cause. It’s time to dig deep and really figure out what is going on with you. 

It could have been that know-it-all mother who said something bad about your parenting. Maybe you’re feeling guilty about cancelling those plans with your friend. Or maybe you got called into work for the 100th time this week so you haven’t had any free time for yourself. 

Whatever it is, recognize what is putting you in this mood and accept the fact that maybe this is serving a purpose to you. Your anger could be a sign that maybe that mom was right, and they are just trying to help. Guilt can cause us to neglect these relationships that need repairing. If you need time to yourself, just say no to your work, or be happy and motivated to make that money. Whatever it is, embrace those emotions and understand what that wild head is trying to tell you.

But if your bad mood pops up from absolutely nowhere it seems, here are 4 steps you can take to try to shake those feeling away.

1. Acknowledge your mood

First step to recovery is admitting you have a  problem right? Well the first step to banishing your bad mood is recognizing that you have one. Don’t pretend that it’s not there, you can’t ignore it, it will always find it’s way to creep back into your mind. I find myself being in bad moods and denying that I have one and then not being willing to give it up, so instead of trying, I act grumpy towards everyone, and thats not good. Don’t choose to stay in this mood, you have the ability to manage you. But sometimes awareness isn’t enough, time to take action.

2. Focus on someone else

Bad moods can make us focus too much on ourselves so moving our attention to someone else can actually trick our mind into not focusing on our own chaotic world. Show acts of kindness. Kindness can have such a positive outcome on our moods. Making others feel good is a gateway to help you feel good too. So call a friend and ask them how they’ve been. Get someone you care about some flowers or buy coffee for the person behind you in line. Lifting other people up will help lift your mood.

3. Get up

When you have a grumpy attitude sometimes all you want to do is just sit on the couch and sulk, but that doesn’t do anything positive for you. If you want to feel better, get up off of that couch and move your body. Go for a nice walk. Get some fresh air and have your lunch outside. You can even combine numbers 2 and 3 by walking to the coffee shop to treat yourself, and also treat the person behind you. Moving around can help distract you from whatever is making you a sour puss. Exercising releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy, it’s science.

4. Physical touch

Speaking of science, cuddles release that feel good hormone, oxytocin. So go ask your spouse or a friend for a nice long hug. Or two. Or three. 

5. Get off social media

As addicting as it is, lets face it, social media is soul sucking. The last thing you want to see while you’re grumpy is seeing everyone around you brag about their perfect happy lives. It’ll only make you feel worse. Trying to fix yourself by putting your happiness in the hands of other is only setting yourself up to fail. So unplug, even if it’s only for 30 minutes. 

6. Choose your mindset

Most of our complications are in our heads, and we are in charge of our own mindsets. So have a more positive brain. Remind yourself everything you are thankful for.  Give yourself happiness. You are here. You can choose to not let yourself be in a bad mood.

It all may sound like corny and obvious steps to take, but how often do you actually try to get away from your moodiness? Too often we find ourselves just feeling sorry for ourselves and doing nothing about it. So choose happiness. Get up off your sorry butt, call a friend to join you for a walk to a local restaurant to buy them lunch, talk about their life, hug them and just laugh. 

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